Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are growing in popularity across the UK as they provide completely versatile shower areas.

They are designed to be on a slight slope to allow the water to drain, with the shower unit and controls fitted to a wall within the room. The lack of a shower cubicle saves space, making wet rooms the ideal solution for smaller bathrooms.

Furthermore, they are practical, as they offer a simple walk-in shower area. This is particularly useful for people with mobility issues, who may struggle to step up into a shower cubicle.

Compared to your standard bathroom, wet rooms are easier to clean and offer a higher level of protection to floors. They can also increase the value of your home.

At Ross Tiling Ltd, we years of experience in the installation of wet rooms. Based in London, each of our contractors is fully trained and qualified in using the latest tools and equipment to provide wet rooms of the utmost standard.

As part of our excellent customer service, we focus on high quality workmanship and attention to detail. In addition, we complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimum disruption.

For all general enquiries or to find out more about our wet rooms, get in touch with Ross Tiling Ltd on 07841 757498.

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